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Rim Strip

Rim Strip
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Rim Strip

Surly Rim Strips have one job and they do it well. They cover the cutouts in your rim and — if you’re running a tube — they protect it from spoke heads and other sharp matter (okay, so maybe they have TWO jobs but they do them both really well.) Rim strips are crucial and should be used with all Surly rims. Ours come in an array of colors so you can really “express yourself”.

Surly Rim strips are available in two different materials: PVC and Nylon. PVC is great if you plan on only running tubes. However, if there’s any part of you that wants to try this tubeless thing you’ve been hearing about, our Nylon strips are just the ticket. They’re thinner and offer minimal stretch so they stay put and lay nicely inside the rim to provide a secure seal. Plus, they’re lighter which we all know means you’ll go faster… maybe.


Fits Width
50mm rims 38mm
65mm rims 46mm
82mm rims 64mm
100mm rims 75mm



Nylon Fit

Fits Width
50mm rims 33mm
65mm rims 45mm
82mm rims 50mm
100mm rims 65mm


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