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Dummy Deck

Dummy Deck

Dummy Deck

Our Dummy Deck provides a light, durable platform for cargo bikes built to Xtracycle’s Longtail standard…including the Big Dummy, of course. The Dummy Deck is stamped from 4mm-thick aluminum, chosen for its strength, durability, and recyclability, and it bolts directly to Surly Dummy Rails to stiffen and stabilize the whole system (it’s also compatible with Xtracycle V-racks by using Xtracycle’s SuperHooks). It features cut-outs for routing straps and cordage, a mounting hole for a rear light bracket, accessory-mounting holes, and countersunk holes for SuperHook hardware.

The Dummy Deck that comes with the Big Dummy complete is powdercoated to match the frame.

The aftermarket Dummy Deck (pictured here) is anodized black.

Download Dummy Deck Instructions

Download Rail Collar Instructions