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Wednesday Fork

Wednesday Fork
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Wednesday Fork

Our Wednesday fork is made of the same 4130 CroMoly steel as its frame counterpart. It’s ready for trail use and features butted and tapered blades with thru-axle dropouts spaced at 150mm. It features many accessory barnacles (or braze-ons if you prefer to speak in “official” terms) like barrel bosses at the dropouts and crown, mid-blade thru-blade eyelets and triple bottle bosses on both fork legs.

The Wednesday fork is also used on the Surly Big Fat Dummy.

Axle-to-crown: 468mm
Offset: 47mm
Steerer: 260mm, 1-1/8˝ straight
Tire Clearance: 26 x 5.25”
Weight: 1262g

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  • Black

  • Bliolet

  • Cromwell Green

  • Grey Sweatpants

  • Thorfrost White