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Knard 26 x 3

Knard 26 x 3
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Knard 26 x 3

The Knard 26+ shares the same tread pattern as its 29+ predecessor. 26+ is pretty much the same idea as 29+, only applied to the smaller 559mm bead seat diameter we’ve all come to know as ‘the regular ass 26” wheel.’ The casing of the Knard 26+ tire is 3” wide and designed to be used with 50mm wide rims. The 26+ tire size inflates to roughly the same outer diameter as standard 27.5” (otherwise known as 650b) tires, so there’s that. The large volume of the 26+ platform adds suspension and float while also increasing traction. The profile is round and tracks well through corners and off-camber terrain. It can be used effectively and safely on rims as narrow as 35mm. The closely spaced low-block tread grips well on all types of surfaces but is most at home on dry rock and packed dirt. Availavle in 120tpi casing.

Bead Seat Diameter: 559mm

(note: designed for 50mm wide rims. Requires minimum of 35mm wide rim to safely engage bead hook)

Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (875g)

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  • 26 x 3.0

  • 120tpi

  • 27tpi