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Rolling Darryl Wheel

Rolling Darryl Wheel
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Rolling Darryl Wheel

The middle child in the family, Rolling Darryl is 82mm wide. It plays well with 3.5-5” tires, of which there is quite a variety to choose from these days. We offer three rear wheels built with Darryls, and one front. The rears are available with Surly Ultra New single speed, Shimano XT or DT 340 disc hubs and all are offset 17.5mm to work with Pugsley frames and other, similar frames. There is also a front wheel built with out front-specific Ultra New disc hub. It is spaced 135mm and is made for symmetric (no offset) forks.

Rolling Darryl
Rear (135):
Ultra New Single Speed Disc, 17.5 offset
XT Disc, 17.5 offset
DT 340 Disc, 17.5 offset
Ultra New 135 Disc, no offset

Wheel, Rim, and Tire Instructions

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  • Front

  • Rear

  • DT 340 Disc, 17.5 offset

  • Ultra New 135 Disc, no offset

  • XT Disc, 17.5 offset