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Marge Lite Wheel

Marge Lite Wheel

Marge Lite Wheel

Marge Lite is our narrowest rim. At 65mm it’s still wide enough to require a bike with plenty of clearance. Marge is made for tires between roughly 4” wide, but it’ll do good with 5” tires too. We offer two wheels built up from our Marge Lite rims. One is a single speed with our own Ultra New disc hub. The other is a Shimano XT disc hub. Both are built for frames with a 17.5mm offset, such as our Pugsley, and both are built with high quality DT Swiss stainless steel spokes.

Marge Lite
Rear (135):
Ultra New Single Speed Disc, 17.5 offset
XT Disc, 17.5 offset

Wheel, Rim, and Tire Instructions

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  • Rear

  • Shimano XT Hub

  • Surly Ultra New Hub