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ExtraTerrestrial 700 x 41

ExtraTerrestrial 700 x 41
https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/et-700x41-tire-TR0805-02-640x480.jpg https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/et-700x41-tire-TR0805-01-640x480.jpg https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/et-700x41-tire-TR0805-640x480.jpg

ExtraTerrestrial 700 x 41

The 700c x 41mm ExtraTerrestrial is an ultra-durable touring tire designed to provide low rolling resistance and durability on extended tours where pavement is the main course and dirt is the after-dinner mint. Think of it as the Tango to the 700c Truckers’ Cash. It features a similar low-profile, directional tread pattern to the one found on its 2.5” counterparts. For this more pavement-focused configuration, we kept the tread a little tighter to keep things rolling smoothly on various road surfaces while still maintaining a whole lotta’ traction. That’s not to say we didn’t add in features to keep you moving if you do decide to stray off the pavement. It uses a nylon breaker in the sidewalls for cut protection, a molded pattern for anti-cut propagation, and a Kevlar™ cap under the tread to protect against flats.

Bead Seat Diameter: 622mm

Rim Width: 23mm – 30mm outer dimensions

Casing: 60tpi, tubeless-ready folding bead w/ sidewall protection, Kevlar cap under the tread to protect against flats

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