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Why hello there. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our jackets, hasn’t it? Let’s take a peek at the venerable version 2 point 0 for a moment. Don’t be shy. They’re more burrito-friendly than ever.


Front view of Amy wear a Surly Waxed Jacket 2.0 in an office setting

Amy is thrilled about her new modeling gig and/or just heard someone crack a beer


So here we are. Version 2 of our jacket. We’ve got a few highlights to talk about, but first and foremost, one of the things we wanted to focus on in this version was dialing in the fit for all shapes, sizes, and preferred genders based on feedback from those that rocked the first round. We come in all varieties here at Surly and we’re stoked about being able to provide clothing in men’s and women’s cuts or unisex varieties in much of our softgoods line. Originally the jacket was based on a “men’s cut” but in terms of more folks being able to wear our stuff, I think we nailed that with the tweaks we made to the jacket. Specifically, our first round of jackets had a slimmer, more tapered fit in the waist – meaning many people (including the women of Surly) found themselves sizing up, which meant dealing with longer/bigger sleeves. Awesome news: the version 2 has definitely addressed this. Size up no more as the waist is much roomier. No more tapering. See our sizing chart for all the details.

Inside collar tag and care instructions, sewn into a Surly Waxed Jacket 2.0 - closed up view

Hang tag 2.0: Now with more tag ‘tude


Version 2 of the jacket still offers a soft merino lining. Like most wool things, it warms you up when things cool off. Merino wool also doesn’t get overly stinky (well, in most situations we’d presume). We’ve got a new color of lining in this jacket and every time I look at it I think it looks like something a member of the Addams Family would wear, but maybe that is because I talk about Wednesday and Pugsley all day. Speaking of mournful, this jacket does indeed come in black again this go-round, with a bonus color option of brown for all you non-goths.

Cropped view of a hand reaching inside the pocket of a Surly Waxed Jacket 2.0

Speaking of the Addams Family, here’s my creepy disembodied hand


A bonus bell/whistle on the version 2 jacket is an addition to the front pockets. Based on feedback from people that don’t always feel like unzipping and zipping things, we added a side hand warmer pocket. It’s fleecy. It’s easy to access. It’s like they always say, four pockets are better than none. 

Rear view of Amy wearing the Surly Waxed Jacket 2.0

We get beamed up regularly at the HQ. What did you expect?


Last but not least, we’ve kept our back of the jacket ventilation for when that merino wool liner gets too toasty, or for when you’re just shredding too hard and need a little extra air. Let that jacket breathe! 

Front view of a row of Surly Waxed Jackets 2.0, hanging on a retail clothing rack, mounted to a wall

A peek into the wonder that is GeneO’s Closet


In the interest of letting you- yes, you- try on/touch/feel our softgoods and get to know the new features and fit, we’ve sent a size run of version 2.0 jackets to our friends at One on One Bicycle Studio in Downtown Minneapolis. Check out our dealer locator for all the details. We’ve also got a size run of samples traveling around the Michigan area, so keep an eye out for those.

As always, feel free to contact us at or 877.743.3191 with any further burning softgoods questions you might have. Unless your softgoods are actually on fire, in which case you should stop, drop and roll.





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