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If you’ve been patiently (or impatiently) waiting to get your hands on a Hi-Viz Black Karate Monkey bike, that wait has come to an end. We just got a new shipment of ‘em in stock so hurry on down to your local bike shop and have them order you one.   


Also in stock:

The Moloko Adjunct Personal Effects Receptacle

If you’ve got a set of Moloko bars and you’ve been wondering how best to fill that void right in the middle there, have we got the bag for you. Stick some nanners in it, stash an extra layer in it, or just fill it with cool rocks. I used it on my recent trip around Tahoe and it proved super useful as a way to stash my day’s calories along with my headlamp, wallet, and spare battery pack. I also put a cool rock that I found in it. Someone else had previously used the sample I had so mine had some spare Advil in it when I got it. Yours probably won't. 


Petite Porteur House

If you find that you have way more cool rocks than the Moloko Adjunct Personal Effects Receptacle can hold, the Petite Porteur House might be just the ticket. We designed it to fit securely on our 8- and 24-pack racks but it also works with other porteur-style front racks on the market. 


Name Patch Trucker Hat

The latest iteration of the Name Patch hat has arrived. Write your name on it, write someone else's name on it, draw a shitty drawing on it, or commit some mild copyright infringement on it. #surlypataguchi


Chaos T-shirt

Get out of my nightmares and into my closet, am I right? Available in both Women's and Men's cuts.




Well, that's all for now. We'll keep updated when more things of interest are available for you to throw fistfuls of cash at. 

Take it away Mark: 


**One thing to note is that all of the above information relates to domestic inventory only. International inventory will vary by distributor.