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The quality of our products is something we take very seriously here at Surly. We’ve hung our hat on having a low warranty return rate and providing products that work. We are not infallible, however, and that’s why we have a warranty policy. If we made your stuff wrong, we’ll make it right within the confines of that policy – and we’ll do so as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Recently, we’ve seen a small percentage of our Snowblind White Pugsley frames that have developed small cracks where the seat stays join the seat tube. None of these has separated completely and no injuries have occurred due to this issue. If you have a white Pugsley frame take a look at that spot and most likely you will see nothing. If that’s the case, continue riding and getting rad.

If your frame should show these small cracks, take the bike back to the bike shop where you purchased it, or call us if contacting the shop is not possible. We’ll get you going again as quickly as we can.

We strive to constantly monitor the quality of our products and update designs as the need arises. We know that when you spend money on a Surly that you have expectations of durability, functionality, and good times. Our pledge to you is that we’re on it, we are in a state of perpetual improvement, and we appreciate that you’ve chosen to hitch your circus wagon to our goofball train.

Let us know if you ever have any questions about the things you have that say Surly on them. Call us at 877-743-3191 or e-mail us at



Eric “Skip Bernet” Sovern

Surly Person of Interest