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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Time she ticks

The world she spins

The Dump keeps dumping

And all the while

We move forward and adapt or stand still and take our chances

On and on, until the end of the world

Plus there's a bunch of bacon eating and beer drinkinkg while that happens, but that shit is way less poetical

Left side view of a blue Surly Ice Cream Truck bike, leaning on a wood rail fence, with changing leaves in background

Left side view of a lavender color Surly Straggler bike, next to a red tent on the left, at a campsite in the forestDownward view of a disassembled bike, packed inside of an open bike travel bagRight side view of a copper color Surly bike with purple rims, leaning on a post at a dirt clearing in the woodsRight side view of an orange Surly Cross Check bike, parked against a short stone wall with the ocean in the backgroundRear view of a bike laying on it's left side, facing down a dirt road in a forest

Left side view of a green Surly fat bike, parked on a snowbank on the side of a snow covered trail in the woodsRight side view of a black Surly Pacer bike with red handlebar, leaning along a bike rack on a sidewalkRight side view of a black Surly bike with a helmet on the handlebar, parked against a post in a grass fieldRight side view of a tan Surly Long Haul Trucker, leaning against a brick wallRear view of a Surly Karate Monkey bike, parked against the handrail of a pedestrian bridge over water, with trees aheadRight side view of a dirty, black Surly Karate Monkey bike loaded with gear, parked against a tree in the woodsLeft side view of a black Surly Ogre bike with a frame bag, parked on the grass, against a tree in a green forestRight side view of a pink Surly 1x1 bike with a fat wheel on front, parked in a grass fieldA unicycle with a fat bike wheel, laying down on a dirt trail in the woods