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Alright friends, I’m going to try to keep this brief but we’ve had a buttload of new stuff come into stock in the last few weeks that ya’ll need to know about.

Behold: Edna! 

Edna is our latest 26 x 4.3” ultra-versatile fat bike tire and enjoys riding over/though/off of a variety of surfaces.

New Straggler color: Blueberry Muffin Top!

  Anyone remember that Blueberry Muffin Top cereal? It had so much sugar in it the FDA actually made them stop making it. But it was delicious and played a major role in why my mom had to buy me pants from the Husky section as a youth. Anyway, this color is blue and has that sweet sugarcane sparkle that really made me salivate for my younger days the first time I saw it. You’ve really gotta check it out in person. Available in both 650b and 700c varieties in complete bike and frameset offerings.

New Disc Trucker color: Bituminous Gray!

Available now in 26” and 700c framesets and 26” completes. 700c completes are due in the next week or two.

New Steamroller color: Ministry Gray!

Available in both completes and framesets now!

Surly Bike Lover T-shirt!

Wear your love of Surly on your sleeve… er, chest. Women's and Men’s sizes available.

A whole slew of new sock designs to keep your fefes toasty:

Last but not least, our Tubeless Kit

No more piecemealing a tubeless set-up for your Other Brother Darryls. It comes with two of our nylon rim strips, a roll of Whisky Parts Co.® tubeless tape, two tubeless valves, and two Problem Solvers ™ Super P-Nuts.


Well I think that about covers it. Now here’s some new metal (not nü metal) from some pals in Minneapolis. More about them here.