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Hendrix's Trike Update: TRIKE FOUND! BRose called me. Earlier today Matt "Puppy Love" Duffin sees the trike being ridden by a 9 year old street urchin. Urchin is confronted, instantly gives up and protests innocence. He is not the first, or probably second or third, person to ride this bike after its fall into prying hands. Trike has obviously been 'around the block' but otherwise rideable. Matt calls BRose. BRose calls Katie, Hendrix's mom. Trike is returned. On Hendrix's Birthday. BRose spends time talking with family. Katie's mom is in her 80s, Irish, loves bikes, used to ride all the time. BRose mentions his upcoming RAGBRAI adventure. Mom says Oh, she always wanted to go on RAGBRAI. Totally bitchin' real life rock moments. This story has raised a lot of people from their recumbent lives to the keyboard, asking why we don't "do something." But one guy, John Reid, wrote in and started a dialogue about exactly what could be done. He had a plan ready to set in motion to receive donations to restore Hendrix's trike. There are good people out there. There are idle preteens out there. There is Hendrix on his birthday with his bike back after a couple weeks without it. Dang. -----