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im - 10/03/2006 01:00:00 PM

New Surly Stuff: A chance for you to exercise patience Ok, so if you're a true Surly tweaker you've already seen a lot of our new stuff for 2007 on the web. Some choad even got into the Interbike show floor before it opened and took his spy shots then - in the dark with the bikes still chained up. Well, I guess we all have things we jones about, Swervy gets weird about new strains of yeast and hops, Brother D digs the newest in goofball Human Powered Vehicle tech, Snacky gets all funky about newly unearthed Replacements video, and Mr. Bloggins has a funny look on his mug when he surfs for expensive tequilla. Me? I dig high heels. But that's neither here nor there. Here's the straight poop on the new stuff and when it might be in: New colors (they're up on the frame pages now) - available Spring 2007 Crosscheck - green goes, Misty Mountain Grey is new, black remains Karate Monkey - brown goes, Husker Blu is new, black remains Pugsley - purple goes, new color is Metallic Thunderhead Gray Instigator - black goes, new color is red Rocket Steamroller - charcoal goes, new color is Maroon (which really looks like chocolate syrup) Pacer - black goes - new color is Silver Bullet metallic with new graphics - super hot Trucker and 1x1 stay the same colors for 2007 Current colors are still available until Spring. Now's your last opportunity. No, you don't get a discount. Mr Whirly Crankset - available summer 2007 An external bearing crankset with changeable spiders (94mm, 104mm, 110mm) with a spindle for Pugsley too. Will come in black or silver, 170mm, 175mm, 180mm Big Dummy frameset - available summer 2007 A long frame built specifically to work with the accessories from Xtracycle. It's a cargo bike and it's going to be very cool. Lots of testing still needs to be done. Here are a few details: Yes, Xtracycle knows we're doing this... sheesh. It's a partnership. 26" wheels (easy there you 29er zealots, 26" is still a good idea for some stuff) No color decided yet (your unsolicited vote will ensure we don't pick that color) Normal parts (28.6 front der, 27.2 post, 1 1/8" headset, 68mm bb, disc and canti mounts) just needs some long cables and two chains. It will cost about $810 for the frame and fork - Xtracycle bits are not included in that price Complete bikes - available spring 2007 Long Haul Trucker, blue color only under $1000 MSRP Steamroller under $675 MSRP We'll post the spec sometime in the near future. Dingle cogs - available soon - couple of months Single speed spacer kit - available now That's all I got. You want more info? Remember, web forums never lie. Nothing but the best information available there. e-mail us at derby@surlybikes.com for the straight dope. - Skip -----
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Fat tires above the Arctic Circle Our old friend Pat Irwin sent us this link to the website chronicling his March ride, with his wife Kathy, above the Arctic Circle. Pat and Kathy were both riding Surlys with Endomorph tires....Pat on a modified 1x1, Kathy on a Pugsley. -----

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im - 9/27/2006 03:37:00…

Fear And Loathing In Las Vagueass Well here we are and where are you? Busy as hell at Interbike 06. What could it be? Random chance? High gas prices? Who knows. Dirt Demo was the usual thing. Dr. Nick calls the air 'tartar control' because of the dust, and damn…

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