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If you’ve ever ridden a singlespeed you probably remember it being the most fun you’ve had on a bike but you may have found it odd how little you thought about the bike while you were riding. It was just you, hauling ass down the trail. It was just you pedaling for all you were worth. There was no noise… no clunky. There was only speed, one speed, only fun. There really isn’t a better frame to give the single speed treatment to than the Pugsley. It’s the same E.D. coated, proprietary Surly 4130 Cro-Moly we all know and love. It’s durable, relatively light and uses size specific tubing for a tuned and lively ride. And, it can fit gigantic tires. The parts spec on this bike is what you’d expect to see on a single speed, picked because of its simplicity and radness. Knard 3.8” tires on 65mm rims are a versatile combo that will provide the same great float and traction of any fat bike without slowing you down on the hard stuff. Take the Pugsley SS and ride it at stuff as fast as you can, screaming. Charge the drifting snow late at night. Derby until you puke. The Pugsley SS demands this type of behavior. It is a single speed and it will not be denied.


Pugsley 2015 Geometry
  • in
  • mm
xSmall (14)Small (16)Medium (18)Large (20)xLarge (22)
Head Tube Angle70.0°70.5°70.5°70.5°70.5°
Head Tube Length3.795.04.0102.04.4112.05.1130.05.9150.0
Seat Tube Length14.0356.516.0406.418.0457.220.0508.022.0558.8
BB Drop2.
Chainstay Length17.6448.117.6448.117.6448.117.6448.117.6448.1
Top Tube Length, Actual21.5545.821.8554.322.3566.522.9581.923.6600.0
Top Tube Length, Effective22.0560.022.9580.923.4595.624.0610.124.6625.0
Seat Tube Angle73.0°72.0°72.0°72.0°72.0°
Standover Height28.9734.929.9758.731.0786.532.3819.633.6853.0
Fork Length17.6447.017.6447.017.6447.017.6447.017.6447.0
Fork Rake1.743.01.743.01.743.01.743.01.743.0

All dimensions are preliminary and subject to change * Standover is measured from the top of the TT, at the center, with a tire measuring approximately Ø740mm