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Surly: It’s a job and someday you might need one.

If you’ve arrived at this page in hopes of finding a job where all you have to do in order to receive riches beyond your wildest dreams is simply ride your bike around Minneapolis all day, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’ve arrived here looking for endless toil rewarded with yet more toil and mediocre health insurance, welcome aboard! Your desk is in the corner.

Surly is an arm of parent company, Quality Bicycle Products; a juggernaut of the bicycle industry, an industry you must love beyond all other things if you want to work for us. But first, if you want to work for us, you’ll have to get through QBP. Anyone that has ever worked for Surly has also worked for QBP, thusly, you must apply to work at QBP. Sometimes, Surly will advertise jobs directly through the careers page of Other times we will hire internally, meaning get your foot in the door, slugger. Follow the link to the QBP careers page to see any and all open job listings and good luck paying off your student loans.