Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

As the years have waltzed past, Surly has made stuff that you can buy and ride, or buy and futz with, then take apart, then mess about with, then attempt to put back together. We receive all kinds of questions about how our stuff works.  Sometimes the questions are how to get it back together once it’s been taken apart, sometimes they are how to get it together in the first place and many are too personal to pass on.

We’ve realized that there are many questions that we get over and over.  Like, “How do you set up an MWOD?” or “Can you tell me how to build an offset wheel?”  So since there are many questions that we answer time and time again, we decided to create a “Tech Docs” section on our website.  Go to the Information Hole, and under Downloads you’ll find this new section.  We’ll be adding to it as often as we can.

Enjoy, and get out and ride.