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And so, dear friends, the end of the week has graced us with its "I'm about to get loaded" promises, but there's just one last pile of information we promised to dole out (like so much yogurt on so many wooden spoons.)


(I stole this shot from Maurice at Dirt Rag because he probably won't sue us.)

We've told you most of the pertinent details of the new 29x3.0 Surly Knard tire. It'll be about 820g for the 120tpi folding version and pretty close to that for the 27tpi. It's got blocks and whatnot for a tread pattern and it is 100% the best thing ever in the history of the universe and if you don't buy two you don't know anything about anything and you're a big jerk. It's also a very nice tire.


So nice that we're going to make it in a 26x3.8" too.




It's a 50mm rim built for getting wide with 29ers. It will fit 29" tires down to about 2.4 or 2.5" and - of course - up to the Surly 29x3.0 Knard with which it was tandemly designed. It's got all of the nice features of our fat-bicycling rims - the cutouts for weight savings, the 64 spoke hole pattern for symmetric or asymmetric builds - but it's, you know, bigger in the circumference sort of way. It will weigh about 700grams and will help you be a better person.

It's a single wall rim, but only mostly. There are actually internal spaces near the sidewall areas that make it a bit of a hybrid between single wall and double. Cut one in half and you'll see.

This sucka is going to come in traditional light-sucking black or in fancy shiny silver. Oh yes.


Here are some numbers that might help you decide if Knard or Rabbit Hole are right for you:

The Knard 3.0 tire on a Rabbit Hole 50mm rim will be 75.8mm/77.7mm (casing/tread) wide and will have a diameter or 779.4mm (at 19psi).

The Knard 3.0 tire on a Velocity P35 will be 72.6mm/76.7mm wide and have a diameter of 778.6mm.

A Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4" tire will be 66.0mm/59.2mm wide and have a diameter of 752.2mm when mounted on a Rabbit Hole rim (at 35psi).

A Continental Trail King 2.4" tire will be 65.5mm/57.1mm wide and have a diameter of 759.5mm when mounted on a Rabbit Hole rim (at 35psi).

(The above numbers, as you may guess, will have some plus or minus to them when you mount up your own tires, because that's how the world works Ricky.)


That's what you get for today. Thanks for hanging with our scribblings this week. Please let us know if you have questions about any of this, ok?