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1) It is sometimes my duty to remove my own opinions and emotions and simply share with you things you might find interesting.  With that in mind, please click here to find our Twitter.

2)  Outside Magazine has recently named our venerable Cross Check as one of their favorite commuter bikes.  Neato.   

3) One Elan Viss wrote to me in June saying

My name is Elan Viss and I have been a fan of your bikes since i was about ten years old. i bought an instigator last year and i am buying a steamroller tomorrow. I just thought that it would be appropriate to thank the company responsible for some of the toughest, straightforward, and high quality bikes out there. I am seventeen years old, and to be honest, i ride the crap out of your equipment. I would not trade it for anything, and I recommend it to everyone. I was wondering if you needed someone to write for you guys on the website or your blog or something. I can write, and would love to represent you, or would love for you to represent me... however that would work. Thanks again, and keep it surly. -Elan"
I explained to Elan that we do not hire out for this sort of thing but gave him an assignment anyhow.  Write something relatively short on the Surly topic of his choice.  He did.  It's about riding his Steamroller on the Canal trail, and it is genuinely enthusiastic propaganda from a genuinely enthusiastic rider.  Read it here.

4) A while ago I shared a letter from George who had written to report that his old skool brown Steamroller with 1" threaded steerer had been stolen.  Bummer.  Recently George wrote in to update the situation:

"Forgot to give an update on my stolen steamroller last spring - As soon as I was set to order a new creamroller I got a call en route to Moab that my lovely baked bean cycleship had been turned into the fort collins bike coop and my bro snatched it up and brought it home for me. Turns out that maybe I abandoned her in someones yard during an impromptu grassnap slash blackout mission and it was exactly the same as I had left it. even the seat was in the same location with the knog lights still on it!  Anyway, I should take delivery of a lovely beef gravy brown crosscheck this afternoon and I couldn't be more stoked to have a 3rd brown surly in the fleet!"


Downward view of brown Surly Steamroller bike, laying on it's left side vertically in the grass

5) Want to put a kickstand on your Long Haul Trucker, Cross Check, or other bike?  Read this first, the new Spew #20.

6) SurlyDotOrg.  I like it better than our website.