Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

I know that December is just starting and there’s lots of folks out there who say that winter has not yet begun, but to those people, I say…

Shut the hell up. It’s winter enough. Even if it’s going to get worse, even if it’s going to last four months, even if  (insert argument that I don’t care about); It’s still winter enough.

Winter around here means a certain type of riding.

Whether commuting, or off-road gallivanting, the -4ºF  (-20ºC) temperature that I awoke to today requires a different kind of mindset while pedaling.

There are many volumes out there on how to achieve “the best” winter cycling…whatever. How much of it is gear? What is the mental/physical  toughness breakdown? How much should I be drinking when I stop under a bridge? Are sweet liquors more appropriate than beer? Should I bring mulled wine?  You can find answers to all those questions out there. Type “winter riding tips” into your favorite search engine and pick your poison.

I would argue, as I always do, that fun should be at the height of the experience.

Personally, if I can’t figure out a way to have fun, I won’t go back out the next day (or the day after that, for that matter).

This time of year the thing that keeps me out more than any other, is the views I get if I dive off-road, down to/around/near our precious river-bottoms. The piece and quiet that I find, along with the beautiful views (a scant 25minute ride from my front door) is enough to always get me back out again. I usually see tracks from other wanderers out there, but seldom do I actually come across one. I like that feeling and it’s one that’s hard to find in, even a small, a metropolitan area.  That’s my fun. It’s my reason.


If you can’t find a reason, get a roller.

Either that, or spend weeks getting your legs back this spring. Which is the other “fun” reason I ride all winter.  Those weeks in the spring when everyone around me is getting their “legs” back …it’s the only time of year I can pass any of them on the Greenway.

Fat man coming through!!

Until then…get out and ride.

Or at least set up the roller in front of your porn machine and try to solve that riddle. Please share your results.