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Jules Wants Women

So here's the deal, Surly is in need of female bodies to wear and tear the new goods. There is a criteria for this. If you meet this criteria then please reach out. If you do not meet this criteria please do not.

I only have access to limited goods for this program so please understand just because you qualify doesn't mean you will be a participant. I will respond to all though. Check your junk mail.

So here it goes:

Email christina@surlybikes.com no later than October 27th 12PM CST with the following:

Are you a woman? (You must be a woman to participate as a woman product tester. Dems the breaks gents.)

What are your ties to the industry? (mechanic? shop owner? sell bikes in shop? organize rides for women? teach clinics for woman? bike messenger? Something else you think is relevant?)

What is the local bike shop you work most closely with?

Why do you want to participate in this program?

What goods are most appealing to you on our website?

What goods are least appealing to you on our website?

What size do you wear in hoodies, T shirts, hats and pants?

Are you willing to agree to the following:

* Confirming receipt of the goods sent to you by sending an email to Christina@surlybikes.com

* Returning a photo release that allows Surly to use images of you and the goods supplied by you for social media etc as we see fit

* Supplying body measurements as needed (see our fit guides for examples of measurements we ask for)

* Returning a completed feedback form within 2 weeks of receiving the goods and being available for follow up questions testing etc as needed

* Supplying high res images of the goods in use within 2 weeks of receiving the goods via wetransfer.com

* Referring any friends/family/randoms to a bike shop in your area to purchase the goods when they express interest/jealousy/love of the goods

Your compensation for this work will be you get to keep the goods. Simple as that.

Let the games begin ladies. Don't make me regret this.

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About Jules

It's Christina's job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. This is no mean feat but she’s patient, has a highly nuanced ability to conform to the moment and she wears a smile every day. This last fact used to be cause for hope, but recently she revealed that when she’s anxious or stressed she tends to smile and laugh a lot. Uh oh.

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