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When Life Doesn’t Give You Apples, Make Pickled Beets

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of the red Krampus, I have some good news and some good news. The first good news is that we just got a fresh stock of Krampus complete bikes and framesets across all sizes and they are in fact red — just not quite the same red as Andy’s Apple.

The other good news is that, while it’s not the color you (or even we) were expecting, it’s a totally badass color all its own. At first glance, you may think that we just borrowed a few cans of Calimocho Red from the Wednesday, but that’s not the case — the two colors are a little different. You see, dear reader, when ordering this batch of Krampi, we had what you might call a slip of the fingie and entered a wrong number or two in the paint code. Since it’s a pretty rad color and we like the way it looks, we’re just gonna roll with it.

So, behold: Pickled Beet Red Krampus:

These are in stock and available now as both a complete bike or a frameset. You can nab one from your local bike shop. The complete bikes are still the same great spec as Andy’s Apple Red.

Oh, and for the sake of science.. here are all three bikes (Both Krampus’ and Wednesday) up close and personal so you can see the differences.

From left to right: Pickeled Beet Red Krampus, Calimocho Red Wednesday, Andy's Apple Red Krampus
From left to right: Pickeled Beet Red Krampus, Calimocho Red Wednesday, Andy’s Apple Red Krampus

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