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We’re going to sex you up - hub style.

When the glaciers retreated from the last ice age, Surly collectively toweled off, slapped on some Brut, and beheld a vision of a single speed future. To that end, we offered single speed products when those were hard to find, expensive, or both. One of our earliest sets of bits was a pair of 1x1 mountain hubs designed to work with a single bmx freewheel. They were pretty cool.

From there, the component designing gloves came off and we gut punched about a million more options (as long as they were single speed) into being. From high spoke count polo hubs to offroad fixed disc to 135mm front Moonlander/Pug hubs we've been there for you. And we've done it because we care.

Bear witness now as a new hubby morning has dawned.

Please welcome into your deepest mind place - the Ultra New Hubs:

"But that hub doesn't look much different," you might be saying.

As with a Whitman's Valentine Sampler or Lemmy's head - it's what's inside that counts. The brand new guts feature NON-adjustable 6901 bearings on a shouldered cro-moly axle. Every hub comes ready to run as a quick release or a bolt-on using the supplied grade 10.9 stainless M6 bolts. Stainless cones and bolt caps with aggressive knurling reduce wheel slippage. The cones and dust shields interlock to maintain axle stiffness throughout the whole hub. And each one comes with a hundred dollar bill rolled up in the middle (not available anywhere).

On top of all that goodness, the hub shell is exactly the same as the current New Hubs, so a new axle kit will make your old New Hub into a new Ultra New Hub with ease and slickness.

I think you're going to like these. Watch for them to go into stock at your local bike shop around mid-late March.


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