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Attention people of Austin, Texas!

Johnny and I have have been given unprecedented furlowes from the confines of the Surly Institute for the Morally Suspect and we're headed your way. In fact, we're headed your way with a corral of Big Dummy bicycles and we're fixin' to ride with you. We invite you to join us for good times, mellow riding, feats of strength, bar stops, and high fives on Saturday, June 5th.

Bring whatever bike you like. Ride with us. Try out a Big Dummy. Participate in the mini-competitions along the way, win prizes, and have good times.

Did I mention that we will be GIVING AWAY A BIG DUMMY COMPLETE BIKE? You must be in attendance to win, so be in attendance.

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Eric is a pretty ok guy. Tall, loud, personable, slightly annoying, mostly harmless, law-abiding, easy-going, longitudinal, forthrightly wishy-washy, slightly bent, wigged out, dopey, and marginally accident-prone. He lives on cold cereal and American macro-brews while occasionally fighting the good fight. He's fallen down in front of big crowds before, and he'll likely do it again. He sometimes zigs when he clearly should have zagged.

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