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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Many of you are probably checking our blog today becuase it's Friday and you are eagerly awaiting the cascade of bicycle glamour shots we always post from our image dump. Photos of bikes leaning up against random shit are always fun to look at, but we've got actual news some of you might care about for today so the dump got bumped. What could be so important that we are depriving our loyal blog readers of their weekly wordless soft pitch? Well, here it is:

Wednesday complete bikes have hit our MN warehouse and are beginning to ship out to our dealers today so if you want one, you could have Wednesday by Saturday (assuming that's what your local bike shop tells you). Don't delay, get to your LBS today and you can have the coolest bike in your city... unless of course you know a guy that has one as well. Then you'll have to share that title with a friend. Or make a new friend then share the title and you guys can go for rides with each other and pat each other on the back and talk about how cool the both of you are compared to everyone else. Either way, you get a new bike and that'll be tons of fun.

The photo dump will return as scheduled next Friday so all you word haters take heart, we'll be back to photos of bikes leaning up against stuff next Friday. Until then, here's a couple pictures of a guy riding the bike that you can now own this weekend if you go to your local bike shop and tell them you want one. If you're super hardup for pictures of bikes, check the grams.

Front, right side view of a cyclist, riding a fat bike, speeding down a grassy hill

Front view of a cyclist, riding a fat bike with a front pack, down a dirt trail in the forest