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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Last weekend Surly showed up in force at the Cuyuna Klunkerfunk in Ironton, MN. The day was filled with miscellaneous bike related activities to keep the crowd entertained. Surly donated some fabulous prizes to help raise funds for trail maintenance and trail development. The Cuyuna Lake Mountain Crew are dedicate group who created this event to raise money to maintain one the best trail systems in the state of Minnesota and we were stoked to be part of the chaos.

Quote of the day came from a demo rider returning an ECR. “That bike feels like you are riding on a deep dish pizza.”

Limbo on the Flintstone rig.

Winner of 12 pack skid contest on a Krampus

AWood on the 12 Pack Skid on the Donger...look at that concentration.

Surly demo selection was diverse.

Trails were in great shape.

Kids had fun too!

Bubbles was there.

Live auction of the Puglefunk generated $2,200 dollars for trails

Here's the guy who won.


Thirsty River played 3 shows including one at the Surly group camp site that rolled into Sunday.


Thanks to the Cuyuna crew for inviting us to this great event for a good cause. Also special thanks to TouchTheSkyBlue for the photos.

See you next year.

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