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O.k., before the ugliness: we were sent this link by the Ramstacker. Sort of like watching a home movie, it's mundane and intriguing at the same time. ************************************************************************************* Surly In The News I'm getting to this one a little late but I think it still bears mention. Local "fickle fashion-first hipster" City Pages writer Bradley Campbell articulates better than he may realize why we do what we do colorwise. He even goes so far as to call in expert analysis to figure out why we don't have better taste, though it should be noted that he did not bother to contact us prior to (or after) publishing his opinion. So, for the record: We don't make stuff with the intent that it will color-coordinate with your ensemble, apartment, townhome, condo, car, or lifestyle. We are not obsessed by the design ethic of Smeg, Wolf, or Apple. Rather we offer bikes and bike stuff by and for people who ride bikes. If you like the color, great. And if you don't we assume you're a big enough person to get past such niggling detail or else have the thing painted some shade of Personal Expression Of Good Taste. Oh, Ugly. We love you better than the transient tastes of myopic hipsters and retrogrouches alike because you are real. And low maintenance. Anyway, thanks Bradley and City Pages for the backhanded compliment. This even makes me consider doing a frame in Raspberry Kiss just for you. Skip covers the rest of the ugliness from here... -----