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Truckin Dump

If you want to talk about OTR riding the Trucker is a complete beast. Judging by the dump alone, we dd something right when we offered the Trucker in 2004. The Trucker dares you to go to hell and back, to wake up and wonder where you are and get the hell out of town. So for all you folks the have spun round the world on the LHT or just to the office, Here is another Truckin Dump!

A while back I drove the Penski out to Vegas with Fritzenhiemer, qued up this little tune which is perfect for Truckin.
Play it or skip it.

What does your Trucker look like? SHOW US!

I’ll be out next week unless I can squeeze it in.


I will see you out there.


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Verdoorn is Surly’s production artist and dump curator implementing and fine-tuning the design, layout, and graphics of all things Surly, from packaging to catalogs to our website. When not obsessing over minutiae of graphic design, he can be found fishing, listening to the Grateful Dead and riding bicycles. Verdoorn, like other Surly-related visionaries, has been known to show up out of nowhere in the dead of night with a plate of chicken fingers to share. Nice work out there, Steven.

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