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Troll is one of Surly's officially unofficial spokesmodels, and as you can clearly see he is awesome.  Top 5 reasons Troll is awesome:

5) He is honest.  He let us know what he likes but also what he feels needs improvement.
4) He is polite, and expresses his views with respect but no B.S.
3) He is unusual.  We like unusual.
2) He likes to laugh, and he has a great laugh
1) He rides a lot, more than me, probably more than you, and does it hauling a metric shit ton of stuff. 

Disclaimer: We like Xtracycle...they're why the Big Dummy exists at all.  We don't design the Xtracycle kickstand, and we don't sell it.  We are aware of the issue he points out, which was addressed long ago.