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Triple D and Whatnot

So last Saturday was the Triple D adventure race - snowy business on a bike from Dubuque to Dyersville to Durango. Lots of folks have written in detail about how tough it was - imagine glare ice covered with the finest powdery snow and you've got a recipe for pushing and not riding. Nobody finished. I blame global warming. Still, it was a good time. Markles-he-Sparkles and Yum Yums joined me from Milwaukee and we had laughs the night before the race. We drank Hub City Oatmeal Stout in the basement, worked on the bikes, and penciled out our last wishes. We also had a good time after the race at the Handle Bar in Durango laying waste to a free bar tab. Well, Markles and I had fun at the bar. Yum Yums was still out there death marching to the black metal in his brain sac. We had already given him up for dead (and had some very nice rounds of drinks in his honor), but he ended up alive - if quite frosty. Decorah represented well - and by that I mean Spinner narrowly avoided jail and everyone else survived. Thanks to Lance and all the volunteers. You put on a good show despite the damnation of the wintery gods. I think I pulled a hammy. Check out the links: The Organizers The Grelk The Shockstar The Devon The Sconnie The Decorah And finally: The Diamond Dave Skip -----
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Eric is a pretty ok guy. Tall, loud, personable, slightly annoying, mostly harmless, law-abiding, easy-going, longitudinal, forthrightly wishy-washy, slightly bent, wigged out, dopey, and marginally accident-prone. He lives on cold cereal and American macro-brews while occasionally fighting the good fight. He's fallen down in front of big crowds before, and he'll likely do it again. He sometimes zigs when he clearly should have zagged.

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