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If you believe in love, we stand with you.

It's important now more than ever for us to say that if you're a person of color, an immigrant, a Muslim, queer, trans, or femme, that we stand with you. There is no place in our hearts for those that discriminate along lines of color, faith, where you were born, or who you love.

It's important now more than ever for us to say that racism, misogyny, fascism, and bigotry are a disgrace to our people and our nation and if you practice them, we stand against you.

If you are tired of hearing about political and racial conflicts, I want to remind you that you are currently being affected by them whether you're aware of it or not. No one in this world has the luxury to ignore the issues we face today, and that your apparent choice to be involved is a privilege that not all people enjoy. I want to remind you that the people in this country without it are fighting for their lives as you fight for your lifestyle.

Many terrible things have happened in the midst of good, but divided and distracted people. In distractive and divisive times like these, I want to remind you that attention and unity are our most powerful tools, that wars are won with bodies but avoided with attention, and that most conflicts are ended not by radicals, but by everyday people standing up against what’s wrong and for what’s right.

Finding your voice and learning where to use it can be a challenging and scary process, but it starts with conversations with yourself and others about what is and followed about conversations about what to do about what is.

If you've been blessed with the choice to be involved, what will it take for you to become involved? What would the person you want to be choose to do? What will you choose to do?

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Previously a millionaire cowboy astronaut fighter pilot, A3 now makes his living designing bike parts as one of Surly’s many enginerds. He is a relatively new addition to Surly, lively and chipper but not annoying, optimistic without foolishness, and he loves to play. He brings the number of Surly employees named Andy to three, which represents a whopping 18% of our staff.

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