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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.


Babes In Bikeland 5 is happening this weekend here in the MPLS.  They have a rad flier and everything.  As I always say, it isn't an event if you don't have a flier.  Organizerers Kayla and Kat showed up at Surly Intergalactic HQ today. They put on a good event.  You should go.  If you have male genitalia, perhaps think about wearing a skirt or something.


Dave went to Alaska to test the Moonlander.  He described it as the hardest thing he has ever done.  That's saying something.  Teaser photo below, more to follow.  

That is all.  We will see some of you at the bizarrely named Interbike Tradeshow.  The rest of you will have to sit on your hands.  Because, no, we don't yet have Disc Trucker images.