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The Things You Find in the Basement…

So, there I was, rummaging around the Surly Deep Dark Braincave and I saw this written on a Cuzzy's napkin:


"135mm front hub


Polo hubs in 48 hole drilling - 100mm, 120mm fix/fix, 120mm free/free, 135mm fix/fix, 135mm free/free

100mm 1x1 fork

135mm symmetrical Pug fork


120 tpi and 27 tpi tires

Tall socks

Junk Strap 6-packs

Carton of Kools"


After the Kools, the napkin was torn - as if the list was much longer and cooler, but maybe that information was too sensitive even for the inner circle.

I should also mention that the napkin looked like it had wiped off lipstick, Phil Wood grease, and possibly some Elmer's glue.There was a phone number on it too. Unfortunately, the phone number was obscured by a drawing of a dragon (I think it was a dragon) holding a banjo.

I found the napkin on Dave's bat perch.

That's all I'm saying just now.


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