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The things I do for you

I was placing an order for 300 clear face masks when Ben stopped by and remarked on how odd that was.

Shortly after I moved on to the next project. Sirek waltzed by and asked what the heck I was looking at. I explained I was checking out an inflatable vendor for a possible Surly project coming up. This vendor had done work for the artist Paul McCarthy on his inflatble art installations worldwide. So I googled him.

This made me realize I have become numb to the searches and orders I place in the name of Surly marketing and product enhancement.

There have been searches for hanging weights,

heart shape balloons,

bunny masks,

and other completely work related searches.

This is what I do to earn at least part of my paycheck.

My own little corner of bicycle industry economics. All for you.

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It's Christina's job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. This is no mean feat but she’s patient, has a highly nuanced ability to conform to the moment and she wears a smile every day. This last fact used to be cause for hope, but recently she revealed that when she’s anxious or stressed she tends to smile and laugh a lot. Uh oh.

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