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We received another production of Wednesday complete bikes in here at our US HQ. These bikes are shipping out to shops that had them on pre-order this week.

Of note: we changed the stock stem length on bikes with this production [and future one's too].

On the first production: Now they will be:
XS – 70 XS – 60mm
SM – 70 SM – 60mm
MD – 80 MD – 70mm
LG – 90 LG – 70mm
XL – 100 XL – 80mm

In case you are curious, why the change? As the Wednesday was being developed, we were shooting for a geometry that blended the things we liked best about both the Pugsley and the Ice Cream Truck. The fit and handling both saddled slightly between Pug and ICT. As such, we started out with stem lengths that were between the two. As we continued riding and testing the Wednesday; we found that slightly shorter stem lengths just rode better for most people, most of the time.

Getting a production run of bikes here takes a bit of time. That first production was ordered all the way back in March. Once the purchase order is in, it's hard to change things without causing delays. 

Rather than keeping the initial spec from the first production, we opted to change stem lengths mid-year. We felt that most people would benefit from it.

There is nothing wrong or bad with the stem length on the first run. Stem length can be pretty subjective. I'm guessing a lot of people will swap stem length from either production.


About Atom

Adam Scholtes a.k.a. Atom

Adam’s job is to spec components on our complete bikes, determine product standards and direction, and to oversee Surly’s vast array of enginerds, not to mention all the other things that come with being a manager, such as budgets, planning, planning budgets, endless meetings, and constant defense of his reasoning. He drinks coffee all the time, brews his own beer, and is singlehandedly constructing entire portions of his house.