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Last year we had this crazy idea (right around Frostbike) that we would create a limited run Pugsley for our friends who came to Frostbike.  So that’s what we did.  We ordered a very small number of these (around 500 world wide).  The bike has an Surly OD crankset, SLX shifters, front derailleur and hydraulic brakes, with an LX rear derailleur.  Also it's got polished silver Holy Darryl rims and shiny bits all over the place. Plus those snazzy two-tone 60tpi Nates (baby!).  Many of these were presold to dealers who wanted them, and we have a few on hand for everyone else.  If you want one, you better hurry.  The bikes aren't in stock just yet, but they should be soon.  So line up.

Of course , if you miss it, you can always build your own dream machine.