Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

We are about to have an explosion of goods that are soft. Mostly wool. Some cotton. I thought you all could use a debriefing of what's on the horizon for Surly.

Let's start with the woolies.

This year's stock will include ---

Neck Gaiter

Oooo!! ahhhhhhh! Woolie and warm. For above the shoulders region only.


Again with the warmth, and wicking of wool, and designed to ride above the shoulders loosely around the neck. Don't be a freak.

Wool Beanie

Made of the most woolen wool for softness, wickedness and warmth on the noggin.

Still really really pissed at the douche bag that stole our gray/purple hat at Interbike. May you constantly break your chain at the worst times ever.

Wool Hoodie for man

Still as manly as last year with the same great wool blend spun from the depths of the Surly's inner think tank.

Wool Hoodie for woman

We took our awesome wool blend and chopped it up to make it play nice with the body of a woman. Cause women are not small men. Although this fits some small men very well, so there is that.

Wool Long Sleeve Jersey for man

New colors (not pictured)! Same great fit.

Wool Long Sleeve Jersey for woman

New colors (not pictured)! Same great fit. Again, made for the body of a lady that cycles.

Wool Long Sleeve Raglan Jersey

Made for man but also loved by many many women. Me being one of them.

Wool Pocket T

Short sleeve woolie goodness. Awesome base layer and it has a pocket.

And now for the Cotton!

We are slowly but surely turning all of our shirts into the wonder that is the new Surly T shirt. You will notice the fabric is 100% cotton, feels delightful on the skin and runs a bit long to cover the bum cavern whilst riding or bar stool seating. These are instock now and ready for your ordering pleasure if any strike your fancy.

Men's T shirt - new designs


Long Haul Trucker



Women's T shirts - new designs


Long Haul Trucker



Is anyone still listening?

If you've made it this far you might like to know that the Woolies should be instock by October 20th. Your local bike shop can order for you. We have detailed size charts here to help you with your selection.

These goods were all made with the intent to perform well as normal everyday clothing that works well while riding a bicycle. Simple as that.

Now I must go. Happy days to all and to all a good ride.