Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

The good news is that the new Pugsley frame sets in Snowblind are now in stock. 

In case you missed this before, here are some neatly organized bullet points to fit into that neatly arrange bullet holster you like to wear to parties:

  • Disc only means no more canti options coupled with awkward glances
  • New rear disc mount redesigned to make installing and removing wheel easier - no more loosening the adapter bolts
  • Color is Snowblind - looks bad ass

The bad news is that we are currently out of stock on both Larry and Endomorph tires.  Our shipment got held up by the Chinese feds, which will delay it between 2-3 weeks.  Look for tires to be back in stock around the end of November. 

The good news is that the new Pugsley Complete bikes are due to arrive here next week, and should be available for sale within two weeks. 

And while you wait, check out this video the Gary Buckham made using our Pugsley in Scotland...


And if you are still hungry for even more film footage involving the Pugsley, check out PBS tonight for the re-airing of SALT, which is a documentary by Murray Fredericks who rode our bike across the salt flats of southern Australia.

Catch you on the flip...