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Cropped Graphic illustration of a bearded person's face, busting through a door

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the fact that it is almost Hallows eve. A friend of mine was telling me a bunch of tidbits about my favorite creepy film, The Shining. Its amazing to me the lengths Kubrick went to to add that extra disturbing sauce to the film. Here are a bunch of things you may not have known and if you already did then scroll down and look at some bikes. 

1. Furniture, rugs, wall hangings disappear and re-apear from one shot to the other

2. The film holds the record for redone takes. Kubrick made actress Shelly Duvall retake a scene 137 times.
(this number is often disputed but he basically tortured that woman to get the effect he was looking for)

3. The way the hotel is laid out makes no sense. Interior rooms that have windows looking to the outside, doors that lead to nowhere, hallways that turn left five times and lead back to the same place, doors that open one way and open differently when exited.

4. Typewriter changes color several times.

5. The film was shot entirely in sequential order. (most films are show out of order)

6.The color red is visible, either overtly or subtly, in nearly every shot of the film.

7.The "snowy" maze near the conclusion of the movie consisted of 900 tons of salt and crushed Styrofoam.

I could go on but its time to look at some cool bike leans. If you want to get creeped out this weekend watch this film again. 

Right side view of a blue Surly Ice Cream Truck fat bike loaded with gear, parked in a rocky desert field


Right side view of a Surly Pugsley fat bike, loaded with gear, parked next to a well in a rocky desert


Left side view of a black bike with gear & water bottles, parked on road with a field of trees and mountains behind

Glenn Highway, AK

Right side view of a red bike, with a dog in trailer behind, parked in front of thick weeds, next to a wood fence

Madison, WI

Right side view of a purple Surly Straggler bike with front and rear packs, parked along a muddy trail in a forest


Right side view of a bike with gear, parked against a red, broke down piece of machinery, in the grassy, rolling hills


Right side view of a green Surly bike, parked in a grassy field against a fence post, with mountains in the background

Gatlinburg TN

Left side view of a green Surly bike with gear, on a rock patch in a mountain valley, with a lake in the background

Ben Alder, Scotland


That's all I got for this week. I'll be back next week with a full lineup of cool bikes in cool places. Why don't you show us what you got? Upload your ride here. 

Happy Halloween. 

I'll see you out there.