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Take it like a girl

Recently, I was able to join in on one of our very own Surly wives' first ever mountain bike experience. She wrestled her Troll down those dirty paths with a smile on her face....until the dirty path karate monekyed her into the air.

I was behind her and saw the whip top, scorpion snap, bike buck action. If I had known how well she was going to take it, i would have snapped a pic, but I didn't so here is my rendition.

I jumped off my ECR proto (don't be jealy) and laid it across the trail to stop anyone else from running her down. She wasn't moving and she appeared to be at least 1 inch embedded into the ground. I rolled her over slowly and started checking her over, assuming she had broken her collarbone. Some gashes and bruising was all I found. So I told her "You look okay, but I have to tell you, you are going to have a black eye." Her response was to open her eyes wide and say with a huge grin "REALLY?? I have always wanted one of those!" This is when I knew this lady was rad.



We got her back to base camp where brats and stuff were cooking and beer was flowing. As you can imagine, they were all so worried about us that they just had to grill some shit. Thanks guys.

So now she has a war story and is looking foward to her next ride. Hell yes.

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It's Christina's job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. This is no mean feat but she’s patient, has a highly nuanced ability to conform to the moment and she wears a smile every day. This last fact used to be cause for hope, but recently she revealed that when she’s anxious or stressed she tends to smile and laugh a lot. Uh oh.

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