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Surly Winter Riding Jacket: Bloggomercial

The next piece of the Surly softgoods puzzle is our cold weather riding jacket. Here at Surly our philosophy around clothes is this: We want to make clothes that are comfortable all day clothes, that function well on bike, but don’t make you look like you’re headed out to win some sorta race. That means that they are built for a mixture of functions. As in: On the bike and all day off the bike.  Clothes you can put on at the beginning of the day, and not have to change out of to ride, or to work.

So our next venture into this arena is this jacket.

This is the Croatian Bear sporting his waxed piece. He hopes you like it enough to buy your own... Or else.

It is made of waxed cotton and merino wool.  The waxed stuff on the outside, and the wool stuff on the inside. 

It’s vented in the rear, but the vent really only pops open if you’re down in the riding position. (*Dust not included) *maybe

Pockets? Yes, two hand warming outsidey type pockets, and one secret inner pocket for secret stuff that might have long skinny stuff attached to it that needs to come out the little secret pocket secret attachment hole. Some might consider this an "audio port hole" or a straw hole if you happened to tuck your juice box in there.

Incorporated merino cuff inserts in the sleeves with thumb loopies are also a pretty neat ad-on.

The combination of the thick waxed cotton and the wool liner makes for a very warm, relatively wind-proof and water-resistant ride.  It is fitted in the way it fits (as in: not baggy nor slim), perhaps "just right" ?!

The jacket retails for $250, which we thought was crazy high at first (so much so we considered not doing the jacket).  But as we did some digging we found very few similar jackets out there, and the ones we did find were far more expensive.  Hell yes 250 bucks is still expensive for a jacket, but considering what you get, we think it’s well worth it.

You may not know this, but one of the cool things about this great land we live in, is that you don’t have to buy shit you don’t like. Consider that!

Comes in two colors, black (kinda dark slate grayish) and green (also kinda grayish). More photos here: http://surlybikes.com/gear/jacket/canvas_riding_jacket

We have partnered with a few trusted Surly dealers who are going to have stock on their floor (for try-ons and what-nots). If you’re nowhere near any of those shops or in this country for that matter, sorry about that. Seriously. Sorry. We understand that it’s a drag, if we had our way every shop on earth would have them, but we don’t run the world (and let's face it, who would want us to?). There will be some rather limited stock that hits the wider world of bicycle shops here in the good ol' USofA but I wouldn't go bettin' all your wooden nickels on that horse race. The only sure bet is to visit these shops who stepped up to help us introduce these fine threads.

Here are those shops with links to their website:

One On One Studio: Minneapolis, MN  http://www.oneononebike.com/

Angry Catfish: Minneapolis, MN  http://angrycatfishbicycle.com/

Box Dog Bikes: San Francisco, CA  http://boxdogbikes-3.myshopify.com/

Salvagetti: Denver, CO  http://www.salvagetti.com/

21st Ave. Bikes: Portland, OR  http://www.21stbikes.com/

Old Spokes Home: Burlington, VT  http://www.oldspokeshome.com/

NYC Velo: NYNY  http://www.nycvelo.com/

Bicycle Revolutions: Philadelphia, PA  http://www.bicyclerevolutions.com/

We brought a small number of these in so get them while you can.

End Bloggomercial Now.

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A rider-slash-Surly fan who somehow bounced like a quarter at a drunken college mixer into what he thinks is pretty much the swellest job a fella could have, it is Tyler’s job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. He has an extensive background in children’s theater, which is, perhaps not surprisingly, a good fit for the marketing manager of this company.

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