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The Surly Tires Department has some news: We’ve made all of our folding bead Surly tires tubeless-ready. Additionally, we’ve developed new zero-waste packaging and expanded the size offerings for some of our existing tire models, and we’re also offering a limited-run Slate Gray sidewall option to the ExtraTerrestrial line, which was previously available only in black.

Updated, Sustainable Packaging 

We’ll get into the new sizes below, but let’s talk first about the new packaging. Here at Surly, we’re always looking for ways we can cut waste—reusing materials, finding the quickest route to the bar, that kind of thing. And now our distaste for waste has made us rethink how we package our tubeless-ready tires.

A rolled up black Surly Extraterrestrial bike tire with gray side walls sitting between boulders

First, we’re using a scrap of recyclable cardboard—just enough to tell you what kind of tire you’re looking at and how you can use it. Feel free to start a fire with the cardboard during your next bikepacking trip weenie roast or toss it in the recycling with your stack of six-pack carriers.

Second, we’re tying it all together with the brand-new Surly Whiplash frame strap to attach the cardboard to the tire and keep everything nice and compact like a 1972 AMC Gremlin. You can probably think of a few uses for the Whiplash all on your own, but here’s a good starting place: After you acquire your new tubeless rubber, remove the tube from your old tire and lash it to your bike with the Whiplash strap in case you need it later. Because you might need it later. We'll be offering the Surly Whiplash for sale as a standalone product later this year, so for now, the only place to get the strap is by purchasing a brand-new genuine Surly Bikes tire.

Rolled up bike inner tube attached to a red bike frame with a Surly Whiplash frame strap with boulders behind

But wait, there's more! Along with the new packaging and tubeless-ready capabilities, we’re also offering new sizes in a handful of our tires. Read on to hear what's new with each Surly tire model.


First is the ExtraTerrestrial, our heavy-duty off-road touring tire designed to shine on hardpack. High volume with a Kevlar cap under the tread to protect against flats, ET features a directional tread pattern and comes in six tubeless-ready sizes: 26 x 2.5”, 27.5 x 2.5”, 26” x 46mm, 29 x 2.5”, 700 x 41mm, and 650 x 46mm. All sizes feature 60 tpi.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Theri ExtraTerrestal is now available with Slate Gray sidewalls, offering all the same features and performance you’ve come to expect from the all-black ETs. Except, you know, it's slate gray. These will be available to order from your local bike shop the week of August 12th.

Profile of a Surly Extra Terrestrial bike tire with gray slate sideways mounted on rim with spokes and lavender spoke and lights in the background


Next up is Knard, an all-around tire with high traction and low rolling resistance thanks to a tightly spaced, low-block tread. Offering less bite and a bit more speed on various surfaces, find the new tubeless-ready Knards in all the sizes we produce—27.5 x 3”, 29 x 3”, 700 x 41mm, or 650 x 41mm—with a range of options in tpi.


Then there’s Nate, a large and aggressive tire that brings Kung Fu Grip to fat biking thanks to a knobby tread pattern that’s tall and widely spaced. Look for tubeless-ready Nates at 26 x 3.8” with either 60 or 120 tpi.

Dirt Wizard

Dirt Wizard is a tall and wide tire with intense traction and cushioning. Thanks to a blend of aggressive beveled knobs and well-spaced siped knobs, the Dirt Wizard’s tread will give you traction and control in those sweaty moments that come up from time to time. Find tubeless-ready Dirt Wizards in 26 x 3”, 27.5 x 3”, and 29 x 3”, all offering 60 tpi. A quick note here: The Dirt Wizards are already tubeless-ready, so this isn't really new news when it comes to this tire, but I'd hate to leave out a chance to talk about this tire. So here we are, talking about the Dirt Wizard that is already tubeless. So if you have them on your bike and you didn't know they were tubeless-ready, now you know. 


Bud and Lou are our one/two fat tire combo, or more specifically, our front/rear fat tire combo. Bud is a front-specific fat tire at 26 x 4.8”, shreds snow and mud without shorting you on steering and braking performance thanks to a carefully patterned tread made up of tall siped knobs. Bud’s pal Lou, our rear-specific fat tire, comes in the same size and has a slightly different tread pattern designed get you over whatever unfriendly terrain you seek out—rocky, rooted, wet, loose, whatever. Both tubeless-ready models feature 120 tpi.


Last but not least is Edna, our ultra-versatile fat bike tire. Edna isn’t coming in a new size right now, but its newly tubeless-ready 26 x 4.3” size with 60 tpi provides ample lug and a tight center tread. This will give you enough traction and float to get over everything from loose dirt to snow or even hardpack.

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