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We received a call a week or so ago from the nice folks at Bluegrass Bicycles in Crestwood Kentucky (Y'all know Kentucky...ah-hem…Bourbon country)...still with me?

Anyways, they were calling to let us know about a local guy that makes his beans, figuratively and literally, on a Big Dummy. He sells/delivers homemade soups of the vegan, vegetarian and carnivore friendly variety to the lovely inhabitants of Louisville (Y’all know Louisville, birthplace of amazing folks like: Hunter S Thompson, Artimus Pyle, Will Oldham, Muhammad Ali and Tod Browning). His ingredients are local, he has a “no-yuck” guarantee and the whole operation is mobilized by his own soup powered muscles, towed and stowed on a Surly Big Dummy. How sweet is that?

His name is Chef Ian and this is his delivery area:

We were told that sadly he had recently been involved in an automobile rear-ender  and that his whole livelihood was put on hold while he licked his wounds and repaired his soup bike.  We think that if you live in Louisville and you eat food (that means all you Louisvillian food eaters!), you should check this amazing service out:  (Follow this link for daily menu and delivery information)
Yes folks, even when the wind is icy and the streets are not nicey…but that’s when you need hot soup the most!

Wishing you the best Ian!

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