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The Jogger Wasn’t Planned

Creepy, for sure.  And the jogger was just in a weird place at a weird time. As she came around the corner, and saw all of us idiots in masks, she was first surprised, then amused, then less amused, then she looked pretty weirded out.  Yep.  Sorry pink jogger.

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Andy Wood is a nifty height, five feet twenty inches. In his spare time, he farms and harvests fat beats on his high tech home computer. He hails originally from Durango, Colorado, where he rode mountain bikes and skied cross country, both of which he still does. He is Surly’s art director, and as such is responsible for balancing Surly’s more pragmatic pursuits, like the use of charts, with pathologically creepy and weird shit, like abandoned dolls. He is one of the three Andys who work here and is a founding member of Andyland.

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Continued Bloggage

I don’t care

I don’t care. I don’t care what type of riding you do. I don’t care if you chose dirt or pavement. I don’t care what bike you chose to ride. I don’t care what you think of my bike. I don’t care how much your bike cost. I don’t care…

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Sometimes Bikes Make Me…

Okay, it’s not the bike.  The bike can make me anything that I’m not.  I know that.  How could I not, I seem to not shut up about it.  But there are some bikes that seem to bring the Hyde to the forefront, and lock that sweat old Jekyll away…

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