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Surly is Looking for More Nerd Power

Do you wear a pocket protector, bathe at least once a week, and know who Cru Jones is? If yes, then keep reading...
Surly Bikes is currently looking for another bike nerd to add to the product development team as Product Design Engineer. This engineer will join the core Surly design group and be responsible for the development and support of all Surly's products. He, she, or it will have the opportunity to be involved with all steps of the design process from conception, to prototypes and testing, to production and support.
At Surly we follow a unique design philosophy. Basically, we make what we want to ride. Whether that is 5in omniterra land crusher, an intergalactic touring machine, or a simple seat collar, Surly encourages its designers to think outside the box and explore any new idea they may have floating in their head. This concept has been key to Surly's success over the years and allowed us to develop new concepts and ideas that sometimes other riders didn't even know they wanted.
The applicant we are looking for needs to have a mechanical engineering degree or equivalent experience and a strong passion for bikes. He or she should be creative, self motivated, and ready to eat, breath, and sleep bicycles.

***Update 8/23/13: Posting is now closed. Thanks for your interest!

Good luck with your application, nerds.


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Thor designs frames, tires, and lots of other parts for Surly. He has trouble fitting into most hats, as his head is surprisingly rotund, and he wears flip-flops as soon as it’s warm enough. On a bike, Thor rides like normal people can’t, which he always does on platform pedals in Vans with no socks because, and I’m quoting here, “I like to feel everything.” In short, Thor gets rad on a regular basis.

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