Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

So AZ (also know as the Croatian Bear) headed off last week, for a small Surly tour of Germany.  Visiting our distributor there, Cosmic Sports, and some of the best dealers we have in that lovely area of the world.  I’ll write more about the dealers later this week, but here are some pictures the Bear and I took while traveling and taking part in one of our favorite pastimes, riding around and drinking beer on or under bridges. If you ever have a chance to city ride in Germany (Berlin, Nuremburg, et al) don’t miss it. For a couple of red blooded ‘mericans, it’s a pretty weird experience.

The trip started off with a bang because we had a great experience with the awesome flight crew on our ride from Minneapolis to Europe.  The learned quickly that the more beer they gave us, the better behaved we were.

Sweet shot of the Bear's ass.  Yeah.

Best thing ever...

Not sure what was going on here but I had to take a picture, soldier hide and seek?

That's it for now, more on the shops on Friday, and next week, Gern and the Bear at the Tour De France.

Hell yeah.