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I remember when I was a kid and those words were pure magic.  “Field Trip”.  They meant so many things. They meant that on that day you were going to escape the drudgery of your everyday life.  No science, math, english or social studies crap.  Something new and amazing was going to happen.  Even when it was less than amazing, even when it was a field trip to the water treatment plant, or a box factory it still was something new.  Something to make the day pass in a different sort of way; time on the bus with classmates, drawing pictures on the foggy bus windows, telling jokes that you thought were really edgy and dirty (that in hindsight were pretty tame) and just getting out.  It didn’t matter what it was for.  When I was a kid, my school never took any “fun” field trips they were all educational.  I’ve heard tales of field trips to amusement parks but never got to do anything of that sort myself.  But despite their educational “value” they were always fun.  Even the social history museums were fun (but those were only fun cuz they were easy to hide in).

We’ve got a pretty fun field trip planed.  It’s a bit outside the bike world, but that’s how most of us will get there.

Tomorrow night a bunch of us are gonna go see Red Fang play.

Who is Red Fang?

Do you live under a rock?

Perhaps you do, and that’s okay. But you should really know who these guys are.  Even if you don’t appreciate Metal, you probably can appreciate their videos. They’ve really taken the time and care to make videos that express the people behind the music.  The soul if you will.  Around here, we like to flatter ourselves and say that these guys remind us of… well, us. 

Have fun with these.