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About two months ago we made an announcement over the loudspeakers asking folks who purchased 8 or 24-Pack Racks to remove them from their bikes and hold off on riding them until further notice.

Right angled profile view of Surly 12 Rat Pack bike gear rack, blackRight angled profile view of Surly 8 Rat Pack bike gear rack, black

You miss that? You can read that original notice here.


But Surly, you said, What gives?

We had received word that a small number of 8 and 24-Pack racks loosened, contacted the front wheel and caused accidents. It’s not often a situation like this comes our way, but when it does, we do our best to do what’s right. In this particular case, we also decided to review our solution with the professionals at the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

There were some lines at the CPSC, not unlike CVS, TSA, the DMV. You know how those lines get. Sometimes they move pretty quickly, sometimes you end up checking your watch every two minutes and cursing under your breath. Thanks for your patience. I’m pleased to announce that our number has been called, we have a solution and we’re ready to get that rack back on your bike.

We have new Security Hardware that includes patched bolts to attach the rack to your fork. This kit also includes hardware that will mount to the end of each upper strut once your rack is installed back onto your bike.

Since you likely have some questions for us, we've put together a little FAQ section below to help answer some obvious questions you may have. 

If you don't find the Q/A that you are looking for below, please reach out to us directly with questions at the following:

Phone: 877-743-3191 


  • I’ve never had any issues with my rack. Do I really need this?

Yep! Thankfully, this install is quick and straightforward.

  • How do I get my hands on the Security Hardware?

You have a couple of options here:

1.) Please contact the shop you purchased the rack from and let them know you’re in need. They will be able to get you set up with a kit and install it for you free of charge.

2.)  Buy your kit used, or want to install the safety hardware kit yourself? Then head on over to the rack safety hardware kit request page linked below, fill out the simple form and we'll get a kit on its way to you ASAP - 

  • Do I need to take this to a shop to install?

Chatting with your bike shop about this Security Hardware is a great idea. Extra eyes and expertise can help you review instructions to make sure your rack is assembled correctly. This is also a great opportunity to check over the rest of your bike and make sure you’re well set up for your next hundred miles.

  • I’m on a tour what should I do?

Talk to a shop on your route and see what options are to have hardware meet you. Not possible? Give us a call. And hey, tours are fun, maybe send us a postcard?  

  • I was thinking of buying one of these racks, but with this news, I waited. Are they still for sale?

They will be soon. We love these racks. We’ve collectively put thousands of miles on them and watched them tour around the world. This is a solid rack that is meant to last you for years to come. It’s important to us to take care of our customers who are currently unable to use their rack. After we get folks taken care of, you will see new racks become available again and include this updated Security Hardware.

  • I’m going to need extra hardware and struts, you have anything?

Yep! If you find you need a little more clearance for Security Hardware to fit between the Upper Barrel and the end of your Upper Strut, reach out about sourcing additional struts. Same goes for any other hardware that may have wandered off. Please reference hardware names and images in our instructions to help make sure we can get you the right pieces quickly.



  • These racks are not designed to haul kiddos or critters.
  • These racks should only be used in configurations specified in the instructions. We took this opportunity to update our instructions to hopefully make them more clear. They are available here. Please take this opportunity to reread rack instructions and make sure your rack is set up appropriately before you head out on a ride. If you have questions, swing into your bike shop for some assistance or drop us a line.
  • Lefty loosey, Righty tighty

This would be a great time to check over all your bikes. Check those QR skewers, grease your seat post, lube your chain and make sure you have your serial number recorded in a safe place.

And hey, thanks for your patience while we sorted this out.

To view our recall poster you can click here.


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