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You may recall a few months back — shortly after we launched the Big Fat Dummy and ya’ll nearly broke the internet with excitement — we posted about how the BFD was earning its keep at Nahual, an organic farm and school of outdoor education outside of Quito, Ecuador. We recently received a few more photos and words from Michael Dammer, one of the farm's owners, and we thought we share them with you.

Left view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike, on top of axe chopped logs, with thick woods in the background

"We're really happy to see how the BFD has performed so far. In fact, it just came back from a trip —a family bikepacking adventure. We had 14 participants from the US, all different ages ranging from 3 years old to 65. The BFD acted as the aircraft carrier. The trip would have been nearly impossible without this bike. The thing is a monster. On the farm, the bike has proven its hard-working character. It's hard to imagine life without it. It gets ridden every single day."

Rear ride side view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike, with a people building a structure in front of a brick house

Left profile of a Surly Bike Fat Dummy bike with tools on the rear rack,  standing across a dirt trail

Rear view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike next to a green tent, in a grass field, with dark, gray clouds above

Right side view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike standing in weeds between railroad tracks, and a building in background

Close up of a small child tightening a screw on the rear wood rack of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike

Left profile of a cyclist riding down a gravel road on a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike with 2 small children on the rear rack

Left rear view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike with cement blocks on the rear rack, in the doorway of a stone building

All photos courtesy of Michael Dammer. Learn more about some of the amazing things Nahual does at

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