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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Hey Rotoura,

Ummm, have you seen Jim or Trevor down there?  We at Surly have not heard or smelled them in a while.  The only evidence we have of their possible existence is this picture of Trevor lovingly splashing a fellow participant at the race that was held in your parts this past weekend. 

Front view of 2 cyclists riding side by side, splashing through a large mud puddle, on a trail in a forest

Well, if you do hear from either of them you should be sure to have them call home.  Jim left the bath tub running and now he has a wet basement, which is slightly better than a wet nurse but much worse than a wet bar.  Oh, and Trevor forgot to pay the cable bill so we can't watch Judge Judy until he tells us the PIN number to his checking account. 


Surly People